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How Does Jobsolv
Work for You?

Six-Figure Resume Creation

  • Personalized resume and cover letter review

  • Personalized resume rewrite

  • Personalized cover letter rewrite

  • ATS approved resume format

  • Targeted Job Description Keywords Optimized

  • Tailored bullet points highlighting your experience

Six Figure Interview
Personalised Job Search

Personalized Job Search

  • Tailored job search parameters including location, industry, salary expectation, and job level

  • Ongoing adjustments based on feedback and market response to ensure effectiveness and relevance

  • Expert analysis of your skills, experience, and preferences to match you with suitable companies

  • Prioritizing companies with a 4+ star rating on Glassdoor

Resume Tailored for Every Job

  • Optimized resumes designed to pass Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

  • Each resume meticulously crafted for the specific job applied

  • Our experts skillfully incorporate industry-relevant keywords into your resume to align with the specific job descriptions, enhancing the chances of your application being noticed

  • Tailored skill section matching the job description

Tailored Job Resume

Jobs Applied for You

  • Identifying target companies and positions that resonate with your professional aspirations

  • Direct applications on company career portals

  • No Easy Apply or One Click Apply

  • Monitoring key platforms and company websites for the latest job postings in real-time

  • Quality Assurance (QA) check before submission to prevent errors and enhance application quality

Get Interviews!


The Benefits of Partnering with Jobsolv


Land interviews faster with your own success partner

  • Why It Matters: Stop wasting time navigating the complexities of job hunting. Our dedicated Success Partner is like your personal job search GPS.

  • How It Works: We conduct industry-specific keyword research and apply ATS-approved structures to your documents, ensuring they not only pass through automated tracking systems but also grab the attention of hiring managers.


No stress job submission

  • Why It Matters: Say goodbye to the monotonous and time-consuming process of job applications. Our Automated Application Submission feature allows you to focus on what really matters: preparing for interviews and landing your dream job.

  • How It Works: Jobsolv takes care of the entire application process for you. From creating accounts on job platforms to filling out application forms, we manually submit each application directly on company career portals while ensuring zero errors and quality delivery. We also manage your inbox and notify you as soon as interviews are secured.


Targeted company research

  • Why It Matters: Boost your chances of landing the perfect job by honing in on opportunities that align with your career goals. Don't settle for what's easily found; get a curated list of jobs that fit you like a glove.

  • How It Works: Our sophisticated algorithms comb through all job boards to find positions that align with your unique preferences and career objectives, giving you an edge over other job seekers who only skim the surface.


Personalized resume and cover letter creation

  • Why It Matters: Stand out in a crowded job market. A personalized, ATS-optimized resume and cover letter directly align with the job you want, improving your chances of landing an interview quickly.

  • How It Works: We conduct industry-specific keyword research and apply ATS-approved structures to your documents, ensuring they not only pass through automated tracking systems but also grab the attention of hiring managers.


Capture attention with tailored resumes and cover letters

  • Why It Matters: Outshine the competition by offering recruiters exactly what they're looking for. A tailored resume and cover letter set you apart in a crowded job market.

  • How It Works: Our expert team fine-tunes your resume and cover letter with personalized feedback and recommendations, aligning them closely with the specific job you're targeting for maximum impact.


ATS approved and ATS keyword optimized

  • Why It Matters: Bypass automated roadblocks and stand out in a sea of applicants. Our ATS-optimized resumes ensure you're not just another resume in the pile but a standout candidate.

  • How It Works: Our dual approach uses AI to scan for keyword alignment and human expertise to refine and polish. The result is a resume that sails through ATS filters while also resonating with hiring managers.

Who is Jobsolv
Best for?

  • Our specialty is securing remote job interviews for six-figure roles for professionals with 6+ years of experience.

  • We excel at aiding unsatisfied early career professionals to pivot from a job into a high-paying, fulfilling career.

  • For recent graduates, we are developing a unique service to help secure your first job and advance into roles paying over $70K+. Contact us to learn more.

Jobsolv for everyone

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does This Process Work?

Information Submission: Provide us with your job preferences, industry of interest, work preference (hybrid, remote, onsite, open to relocating), and share your most recent resume.

This is where we take over.

Building Your Performance Resume: We transform your existing resume into a compelling performance resume that effectively showcases your key skills and experiences, setting you apart from other candidates in the eyes of potential employers.

Job Search and Application Customization: We conduct a targeted job search, prioritizing recently posted positions within the last 24 hours. For each suitable role we find, we customize your performance resume to align with the job description, ensuring compatibility with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and appealing to hiring managers.

Application Submission: We diligently submit customized applications on your behalf, averaging approximately 40 positions per week. By the end of the month, we guarantee a minimum of 160 applications submitted on your behalf.

Pricing and Guarantees

For detailed pricing information and information about the guarantees we offer, we invite you to visit our dedicated Pricing Page. There, you will find comprehensive details on our pricing as well as the assurances we provide to ensure your satisfaction.

What Sets Us Apart?

Data-Driven A/B Tested Resumes: Our performance resumes are built upon data-driven strategies and have been fine-tuned through extensive market testing. This rigorous, analytical approach guarantees that your resume is primed to meet current industry trends and the specific nuances of each job application, giving you a distinct competitive advantage.

Dedicated Application Support: Consider us as your dedicated full-time job application team. Unlike the typical job seekers who may only have the time to apply for jobs after work or on the weekends, we submit your applications consistently and timely throughout the week. Moreover, we submit an average of 40 applications/week, prioritizing those posted within the last 24 hours. The average job seeker often only submits 5-7 applications/week.

Customized Applications: We tailor your resume for each job we apply to on your behalf. This level of personalization helps your application stand out, significantly increasing your chances of landing an interview.

Accuracy of Resume/Cover Letters:

Specialized Team: Our team isn't just a group of general writers; they are specialists in resume writing, career coaching, and HR/recruitment. They are experienced in understanding job descriptions, recognizing the industry language, and transforming these insights into a powerful resume and cover letter. Every member of our team has been through rigorous training that equips them to craft ATS keyword-rich and performance-oriented resumes with a high standard of grammar and spelling.

Advanced Technology: We utilize cutting-edge technology to maintain the quality of our services. Our software does more than just spell-check; it evaluates each document for grammar, punctuation, and syntax errors. Additionally, it assesses the consistency and relevancy of keywords to ensure the documents align perfectly with the job requirements.

Precise Customization Process: Our process of customizing resumes and cover letters for each job application is designed to minimize the possibility of errors. When changes are made, they are based on a strategic understanding of the job requirements and are reviewed thoroughly.

Data Privacy:

Information We Collect: The personal information you voluntarily provide to us. Specifically, information stored in your Jobsolv profile, including personally identifiable information (PII) such as your first name, last name, and phone number, and job application-related information you provide, including but not limited to your resume, education history, and demographics information.

Limited Access: Access to your personal information is restricted to authorized personnel who need it to carry out their job responsibilities. We have implemented strict internal policies and procedures to ensure that only relevant individuals can access this data.

Purpose Limitation: We only use your personal information for the purpose of providing our job search and application services. We do not share, sell, or rent your information to any third parties for marketing or other purposes.

Retention Period: We retain your personal information only for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes for which it was collected and to comply with applicable legal requirements. Once the information is no longer needed, we securely dispose of it.

Simplify Your Job Hunt

I've been using Jobsolv during my job search and it's been pretty helpful. The resume auto-tailoring feature saves a lot of time and I've noticed I'm getting more interviews. It's user-friendly and seems to make the job application process smoother.

Kai Booth

I used to spend 20 to 30 minutes tailoring each resume, and now that my resumes are tailored for each role, I’ve landed more interviews in the past month than the last 3 months combined. I have been recommending this tool to all of my friends who are also job-searching.

Riley Hargreaves

In my career coaching experience, I've yet to encounter a tool as impactful as Jobsolv for facilitating clients' job searches. The platform's one-click resume customization and automated job matching have significantly increased the rate at which my clients secure interviews and job offers. It's a resource I highly recommend for its effectiveness.


Initially I was doubtful that any software could simplify the job search process, my experience with Jobsolv turned me into a believer. Its user-friendly interface, effectiveness, and time-saving capabilities have made my job search 100x simpler, recommending it to everyone in my network.

Daniel C. Sanchez

This is really advanced technology and I am really glad it’s made to be super easy for me to navigate and use. I tried other resume-building software, and it’s always really confusing and takes so much time to learn how to use it. The platform was able to help me find work opportunities I wouldn’t have found on my own. I’m now working remotely again and couldn’t be happier!

Charles C. Trejo

Not a single career coach was able to help me, they all were expensive and offered zero guarantees. Finally decided to take matters in my own hands and went to look around until I found Jobsolv. After crafting my CV and publishing it, it took maybe just a day or two before the first offers started to land in my inbox. Will see how this goes, I am very positive!

Vernon Hales

Nothing feels better than knowing that you have secured your future just as easily as that! Jobsolv has been a big part of my career change and I am truly thankful to them. Their personalized and individualistic approach is what has made this service so successful. Thanks again.

Tyrone Brough

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Career Acceleration
Maximize your impact in securing your next & better job
One Time Payment
Unlimited Job Applications
30 Day Interview Guarantee*
Interview Prep Sheets
Personalized Six-Figure Resume
LinkedIn Optimization
Resume Tailored for Every Job Application
Personal Branding Package
Dedicated Success Partner
Popular Choice
Interview Guarantee
Land job interviews effortlessly
One Time Payment
Unlimited Job Applications
30 day Interview Guarantee*
Personalized Six-Figure Resume
LinkedIn Optimization
Resume Tailored for Every Job Application
Dedicated Success Partner
Job Seeker
Get help searching for the best jobs
One Time Payment
100 Job Applications
Personalized Six-Figure Resume
Resume Tailored for Every Job Application
Interview Mastery
Be well-prepared for every interview
One Time Investment
Unlimited job applications*
30 day interview guarantee
Interview prep sheets
Personalized performance resume
Linkedin optimization
Resume tailored for every job application
Dedicated success partner
Popular Choice
Interview Guarantee
Land job interviews effortlessly
One Time Investment
Unlimited job applications*
30 day interview guarantee
Personalized performance resume
Linkedin optimization
Resume tailored for every job application
Dedicated success partner
Job Seeker
Get help searching for the best jobs
One Time Investment
100 job applications
Personalized performance resume
Resume tailored for every job application

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