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Six-Figure Resume
An expertly written and keyword-optimized resume that sets you apart.
Professionally written - By experts that know your industry.
Keyword optimized - Your resume will be optimized to pass through Applicant Tracking Systems.
Formatted for success - Formatting that will get an employer's attention.
Skill Gap Analysis - Access to over 15 tools and resources that will help you succeed in your career.
Precision Targeting - Aligning your resume with the specific demands of your dream job.
Market-Responsive Resumes - Adapting to the pulse of industry trends for maximum relevance.

The Results of A Professionally Written Resume:

Maximized Visibility

Maximized Visibility

Our expertly crafted resumes are fine-tuned to navigate through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), ensuring your skills and experience shine through the filters. With our strategic approach, you're not just another candidate in the pile — you're the standout choice. Say goodbye to the resume black hole and hello to new career opportunities with a resume designed to get noticed.
Interview Invites Multiplied

Interview Invites Multiplied

Our tailored approach ensures your skills and achievements are front and center, making you an ideal candidate to potential employers. Embrace the power of a resume that opens doors and fast-tracks your path to the job of your dreams, multiplying your interview opportunities and setting the stage for career success.
More Employment Opportunities

More Employment Opportunities

Experience the power of a resume that enhances your visibility within your chosen field leading to an increased volume of job offers. Our targeted approach positions you as a prime candidate in your industry, making you more attractive to top employers. With our expertly crafted resumes, you're set to receive not just any job offers, but the right ones, boosting your career trajectory within your specialized sector.

The Benefits of Partnering with Jobsolv


Proven Success

Our repository of successful resumes, which have secured clients' positions paying $150K+, sets us apart from conventional resume writing services. Leverage our track record of success to increase your chances of landing high-paying jobs.


ATS-Optimized Resumes

Our service combines cutting-edge AI technology with expert resume writing. We use AI to identify the most relevant ATS keywords and optimize each bullet point on your resume. This ensures that your resume is tailored to your job title and stands out in automated applicant tracking systems.


Personalized Approach

We offer a unique crafting process that involves designing multiple summary sections and conducting comprehensive A/B testing. This ensures that the final version of your resume is personalized to your experiences and maximizes its impact on hiring managers.


Expert Resume Writers

Our seasoned resume writers have extensive industry knowledge and know how to showcase your skills compellingly. They translate your experiences into compelling narratives that resonate with hiring managers, setting you apart in a crowded job market.


Skills Gap Analysis

Our resume writers also identify skills gaps relative to your targeted roles, providing valuable insights to support your professional growth. This analysis helps you understand where you can enhance your skills and increase your competitiveness in the job market.


Our Promise

Attention to detail is crucial to us. Our human writers perform a rigorous Quality Assurance (QA) process, ensuring that every resume is free of spelling or grammar errors. We are dedicated to presenting you as the ideal candidate who leaves a lasting impression on hiring managers.

Tired of Applying to Jobs?

Instead of spending hours searching for jobs and endlessly filling out job applications without hearing anything back, try out our 30 day interview guarantee. We create your top-tier resume, find your ideal jobs, tailor each applications, and apply to jobs for you.


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