Top Entry-Level Remote Jobs for Recent Graduates in 2024

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June 11, 2024
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Landing that first job out of college can feel like a maze. Did you know? Remote jobs are on the rise, especially for recent graduates. This article will guide you through finding the perfect entry-level remote jobs for recent  graduates—a great start to your career path. 

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Table of Contents

  1. How to Choose an Entry-Level Remote Job
  2. Entry-Level Remote Jobs for Recent Graduates
  3. Emerging Remote Roles for Recent Graduates
  4. Tips for Landing Your First Remote Job
  5. Where to Find Entry-Level Remote Jobs
  6. FAQs

How to Choose an Entry-Level Remote Job

To choose an entry-level remote job, start by identifying your skills and interests. Research job market trends for 2024 and evaluate job flexibility and growth opportunities.

Identifying your skills and interests

First, identify what you're good at and what excites you. Think about your classes, hobbies, and any freelance projects or internships you've tackled. Did you shine in organizing events, coding apps, or creating digital marketing campaigns? 

These experiences reveal your skills and hint at the types of remote jobs that might suit you—like virtual assistant for organizational skills or software engineer for coding prowess.

Find a job where your passion meets your skill set.

Next, match these abilities with what's trending in the remote job market. For instance, if you have a knack for graphic design and keeping up with social media trends, positions like social media manager could be perfect.

Use tools like LinkedIn to see which industries are growing and what skills they require. Consider roles that offer room to grow and learn—such as UX/UI designer or content writer—that way, your entry-level position can evolve into a fulfilling career path.

Researching job market trends for 2024

Researching job market trends for 2024 requires checking out where jobs are heading. The COVID-19 pandemic changed work, making more people work from home. Reports say up to 32.6 million Americans will work remotely by 2025.

To stay on top, look at analysis from experts like The Pew Research Center. They looked at over a hundred job titles to find the top ten entry-level remote jobs for recent graduates in 2024.

Finding these jobs means using online tools and websites made for remote work hunting. Job boards that focus on remote opportunities list new openings every day. Websites like Jobsolv Auto Apply Job board make applying easy and fast.

Also, social media platforms help share job leads, especially in fields like social media strategy, user experience (UX) design, and technical writing. Stay informed about what's trending in eCommerce, fintech, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence (AI).

These areas are growing fast and need new workers who can keep up with changes in technology and customer needs.

Evaluating job flexibility and growth opportunities

Check if the job lets you choose when and where you work. Many jobs today, like virtual assistants or content creators, offer this kind of freedom. This flexibility is perfect for fitting work around your life instead of the other way around.

Also, see if the job will grow with you. Jobs in fast-growing fields like cyber defense experts or web developers have lots of room to move up.

Look for careers that teach new skills and technologies. Positions at companies involved in machine learning, user experience design, or digital marketing often provide training on the latest tools like HubSpot or Adobe Creative Cloud.

These opportunities boost your resume and keep your career moving forward in exciting directions.

Pro Tip: On your resume, focus on skills that help you shine from anywhere, like communication and time management. Bonus points for adding numbers to quantify your achievements with numbers that directly relate to the job. Plus, mention any relevant coursework you tackled in school. This shows employers you're adaptable, a fast learner, and ready for the role.

Entry-Level Remote Jobs for Recent Graduates

Looking for your first remote job after graduation? 

Here are some options:

- Data Entry Clerk

- Administrative or Virtual Assistant

- Customer Service Representative

- Content Writer

- Online Tutor or EFL Teacher

Ready to explore the world of remote work? Keep reading for more details.

Data Entry Clerk

Data entry clerk jobs are a perfect starting point for recent graduates looking to work from home. These positions often require keen attention to detail and proficiency with spreadsheets and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software.

The job involves entering, updating, and maintaining data in computer systems. The pay can range between $18 and $40 per hour, making it a financially viable option for those starting their careers. Online tools such as Microsoft Excel have become essential for data entry clerks. 

Mastery over these applications can significantly enhance job performance by enabling efficient handling of vast amounts of information quickly.

Working efficiently in this role opens doors to career growth opportunities within fields like business analytics and customer experience management—areas where analytical skills are highly valued.

Accuracy is the lifeblood of good data management - staying diligent ensures success.

Administrative or Virtual Assistant

Moving on from data entry clerks, administrative or virtual assistants play a crucial role in the modern remote work environment. These professionals manage email accounts, schedule meetings, and provide other support services that keep businesses running smoothly.

Companies globally often look for talented individuals to fill these positions. They require someone who can handle multitasking efficiently and support various administrative tasks.

Virtual assistants use tools like Slack, Asana, Trello, and Zoom. They also rely heavily on collaboration software to stay connected with their teams.

This job suits recent graduates aiming to gain experience in a wide range of business operations while working from home. With pay rates starting at $22.50 an hour, it's a promising start for those fresh out of college exploring remote employment opportunities.

Customer Service Representative

After discussing the role of an administrative or virtual assistant, let's switch gears to another vital job opportunity: being a customer service representative. This position is perfect for those who enjoy helping others and can solve problems quickly.

In today's world, where online shopping and services are booming, businesses need strong support teams. Customer service reps answer questions, handle complaints, and provide information over phone calls or through social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok.

To excel in this field, you should have good communication skills and be patient. Many companies outsource their front-end and back-end support to a third party agency or overseas. 

This position with salaries ranging from $17 an hour. Education requirements vary but can start without a college degree. With more people preferring work-from-home opportunities, being a customer service representative could be your entry into the remote job market of 2024. 

Content Writer

Content Writers play a crucial role in the digital landscape, crafting words that connect companies with their audiences. They tackle tasks such as keyword investigation for search engine optimization (SEO), revitalizing old content, and building strategies for online media presence.

With salaries ranging from $15-$40 an hour, this field offers not just creative satisfaction but also financial stability. Writing is not just about using big words to impress. It's about connecting and conveying information clearly.

These professionals must stay ahead of trends—like understanding the importance of mobile device-friendly content or how virtual reality could impact reader engagement—to remain valuable in their roles.

Companies seek writers who can create engaging copy that drives website traffic and increases user interaction through distinguished writing skills mixed with sound SEO practices and a strategic mindset toward content marketing.

Online Tutor or EFL Teacher

Shifting from writing, another promising remote job for recent graduates is teaching online. As an online tutor or EFL (English as a Foreign Language) teacher, you step into a global classroom without leaving your home.

Companies such as Cambly, EF and VIPKID are in constant search for new talent to join their teams. With salaries ranging widely from $16 to $90 per hour, the opportunity is vast. Teaching 

English as a foreign language also peaks in demand during certain hours—specifically Monday to Sunday between 7 PM and 9 PM Beijing time—making it possible for tutors to plan their schedule effectively.

This job suits those passionate about education and looking for flexibility in their work life. You might need certifications like CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults) or have completed courses in TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language), but these investments often lead to higher pay rates and more opportunities.

Besides just teaching the language basics, tutors can engage students using various educational technologies and interactive platforms that make learning dynamic and effective. This role allows you to earn and enrich your understanding of diverse cultures while shaping minds across the globe.

Emerging Remote Roles for Recent Graduates

The job market is evolving, and recent graduates have the opportunity to explore diverse remote roles. These positions include those in social media coordination, graphic design, sales representation, IT support specialization, and UX/UI design.

Social Media Manager

A Social Media Coordinator handles online social media tasks for businesses worldwide. They keep up with all the posting on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Creating fun and engaging posts is a big part of their day. They also look at how well these posts do. This helps them plan better content for future posts. These managers work with companies across various industries. Their job includes making a schedule for when to post on social media.

Knowing what works best is key—they use analytics tools to understand trends and make each post count. With salaries ranging from $18 to $50 per hour, being a Social Media Manager can be a rewarding entry-level role that mixes creativity with strategy in the digital space. 

Graphic Designer

Transitioning from the vibrant world of social media coordination to the realm of graphic design, recent graduates have a wide array of opportunities awaiting them. The ever-evolving landscape calls for talent nuanced in aspects such as user research and innovation.

Proficiency in FIGMA and the Adobe Creative Suite underpins this industry, which is at the heart of web3 advancements. Possessing these skills opens doors to esteemed organizations.

Sales Representative

Recent trends show an increase in remote sales representative positions, with some companies like Bankers Life and Lockheed Martin offering these roles. The job titles range from sales agent to sales support specialist and even include the sales desk consultant role.

These positions offer base salary plus commission, making them potentially lucrative options for recent graduates seeking entry-level remote jobs in 2024.

IT Support Specialist

Transitioning from the landscape of sales representatives to the domain of IT support specialists, there is a growing demand for individuals with technical acumen and problem-solving skills.

As technology advancements continue to reshape the business ecosystem, IT support specialists play a crucial role in ensuring seamless operations. With an average salary range of $70-$111K, companies like FAANG/MAANG are actively seeking talent for roles such as IT Analyst, Network Engineer, and Software Configuration Management/DevOps Engineer.

The industry offers diverse career paths and opportunities for growth within an ever-evolving tech realm.

UX/UI Designer

The field of UX/UI design offers an ever-evolving landscape for those with a passion for creative problem-solving and user-centric innovation. As of 2024, the demand for UX/UI designers continues to surge, with ample opportunities in both established companies and startups across various states and territories.

The average entry-level salary ranges between $86K-$157K annually, reflecting the promising growth potential within this realm. Designers engaging in this domain are tasked with leveraging their skills in A/B testing, personalization strategies, as well as SEO optimization to craft compelling user experiences tailored towards the internet of things (IoT) and educational technology sectors.

UX/UI designers also play a crucial role in developing seamless interaction designs while ensuring information security protocols are meticulously incorporated into their work. These professionals engage cutting-edge technologies to unlock the secrets of creating intuitive interfaces that enhance customer success metrics for SaaS companies and retail businesses alike.

With expected job responsibilities encompassing not only bespoke UI/UX designs but also crafting enriching media experiences alongside SaaS pricing models, aspiring designers can anticipate an exhilarating journey immersed within the complexities inherent to this fast-paced industry.

Tips for Landing Your First Remote Job

Craft a standout remote-friendly resume that highlights your skills and experiences. Leverage your social networks to uncover potential job opportunities and prepare for virtual interviews with confidence.

Crafting a compelling remote-friendly resume

Craft a resume showcasing remote-friendly skills: self-discipline, communication, and time management. Customize it for each application to emphasize these abilities. Online courses and certifications related to remote work can beef up your resume.

Craft an appealing résumé showcasing skills like self-discipline and time management vital for remote work. An individualized resume should highlight these qualities for each application, while enhancing it with pertinent online certifications or courses.

Leveraging social networks for job leads

When seeking job leads, tap into professional organizations and alumni associations for networking opportunities. Join specialized groups on social media platforms related to your field of interest or remote work to discover potential job openings. 

Preparing for virtual interviews

Transitioning from leveraging social networks for job leads to preparing for virtual interviews involves focusing on the essential aspects of remote communication. Set up a quiet, distraction-free space, test your meeting program, and position your webcam at eye level. Be sure to print a hard copy of your resume and have note-taking materials ready during the interview.

Where to Find Entry-Level Remote Jobs

Explore specialized job boards focusing on remote opportunities, such as or We Work Remotely. Network through online communities and virtual career fairs to discover hidden gem positions.

Engage with Jobsolv's Auto Apply Job board for a seamless application experience. Ready to find your dream remote job? Read more!

Job boards specialized in remote opportunities

FlexJobs is one of the top platforms for remote job seekers. These sites cater to individuals seeking entry-level positions and offer a wide range of opportunities in various industries. Women in Tech is particularly beneficial for women in tech roles, while Dice focuses on tech and digital jobs. 

Additionally, Turing provides curated listings specifically tailored to software and developers looking for remote work. Such targeted platforms help recent graduates streamline their job search process by connecting them with relevant opportunities aligned with their skills and interests.

Jobsolv Auto Apply Job board

Jobsolv Auto Apply Job board offers seamless resume customization and automatic application submission, streamlining the job search process. The platform's automated feature saves time and effort, providing access to a wide range of remote job opportunities from top companies like Netflix, Google, Amazon, Microsoft, and Apple.

With Jobsolv's smart job board, recent graduates can efficiently find entry-level remote roles in various fields. This resourceful tool is vital for landing that first remote job by offering access to high-quality listings and simplifying the application process from start to finish saving you time, effort, and resources.

Networking in virtual career fairs

Transitioning from exploring the Jobsolv Auto Apply Job board, recent graduates can tap into valuable opportunities by networking in virtual career fairs. By engaging with recruiters and industry professionals, you can gain insights and forge connections to advance your remote job search.

Virtual career fairs offer a platform for direct interaction with potential employers and provide access to a wide array of entry-level positions across various industries. Leveraging this resource strategically can significantly enhance your prospects in securing a remote role aligned with your skills and aspirations.

  • Ensure an active participation
  • Leverage diverse online communities
  • Seize opportunities for direct engagement
  • Forge meaningful connections through virtual interactions

Online communities for remote jobs

If you want to connect with others in the remote job realm, online communities are great. These platforms offer advice and share job opportunities. It's a good idea to join JobSolv Auto Apply Job Board or use FlexJobs for access to various remote positions.

Networking through virtual career fairs can also be extremely beneficial. Plus, specialized job boards exist specifically for remote work.

Key takeaway: The remote job market is booming. With millions going remote by 2025, it's the perfect time to find a work style that clicks with you. Even if your first remote role isn't directly related to your degree, that's totally okay. Just make sure the industry aligns with your skills and career goals.


In conclusion, navigating the complexities of remote job hunting can be daunting for recent graduates. However, with the ever-evolving landscape of entry-level remote jobs in 2024, there are tailored opportunities to dive into.

Leveraging social networks and reputable job boards like Jobsolv can unlock the secrets of securing a top-notch remote position. 

This guide has equipped you to navigate this dynamic landscape, highlighting in-demand entry-level positions and valuable resources. Remember, the key lies in aligning your skills and interests with the perfect role. 

From data entry clerk to UX/UI designer, explore the diverse options to find your dream remote career. Partner with Jobsolv, your one-stop shop for success. The user-friendly platform, featuring the innovative Auto Apply Job Board, simplifies the application process and connects you with top companies. 

Jobsolv offers effortless application tools, a comprehensive job database, resume builder, and a seamless user experience – all designed to empower you to land your dream remote role. 

So, take advantage of Jobsolv's powerful resources and launch your fulfilling remote career today. The future of work is remote, and Jobsolv is here to guide you every step of the way!


1. What are good remote jobs for recent graduates in 2024?

For those just stepping into the job market, positions like data entry, social media manager, and digital marketing  offer promising starts. These roles let you work from anywhere and often provide valuable experience in fast-growing fields. Remember these are general roles, it depends on your target industry.

2. Can I find remote work in wealth management or investment banking as a beginner?

Yes, entry-level spots in wealth management and investment banking have started opening up remotely. They might come with mentorship programs to help you grow. It's a great way to dive into the finance world from your own space.

3. Are there creative remote jobs for new grads?

Absolutely! Roles such as interaction designers and media managers cater to those with a flair for creativity. These positions allow fresh graduates to apply their innovative skills while working on various digital platforms.

4. How can I start freelancing if I'm interested in programming or software engineering?

Starting as a freelancer right after graduation is doable, especially in programming or software engineering. Platforms dedicated to freelancers make it easier than ever to connect with clients looking for your specific skill set—be it building apps or developing websites.

5. Is it possible to get an entry-level remote job without prior experience?

Yes, many companies are open to hiring recent graduates for roles like bookkeeper, call center agent, or proofreader without previous work experience. Look out for positions that value skills learned through internships or volunteer work over professional experience.

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