How to Keep Track of Job Applications: A Comprehensive Guide

Atticus Li
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October 8, 2023

Are you overwhelmed with managing multiple job applications? You’re not alone — many job seekers struggle to organize and track their applications, especially when applying for remote jobs position.

In this article, we’ll guide you through simple steps to effectively keep tabs on your job search process.

Follow along and discover how to streamline your job hunt like a pro!

       Table of Contents

  • Importance of Tracking Job Applications
  • How to Keep Track of Job Applications
  • What to Monitor in Your Job Search
  • Tips for Following Up on a Job Application
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Importance of Tracking Job Applications

Tracking job applications is a key step in your job search. This helps you stay organized. It stops you from missing out on important details. You can keep track of where and when you applied for a job.

It also helps you remember to follow up your job application.

There’s more to it than just being neat and tidy. With good tracking, you fine-tune your approach over time. You may find that some resumes get better results than others. Or one type of cover letter might lead to more interviews.

Job application tracking also gives useful information about the job market itself. For example, certain keywords could make your resume stand out more than others do! Having such insights can mean the difference between landing a dream position or losing out to another candidate.

How to Keep Track of Job Applications

Create a Job Application Spreadsheet to organize all relevant information about each application.

Creating a Job Application Spreadsheet

Making a job application spreadsheet is one of the best ways to keep track of your job applications.

  1. To start, open a program like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  2. Make columns for the job title and company name.
  3. You should also have a column for the date you applied.
  4. Note when and how you followed up on each application.
  5. Include a space for responses you get from each company.
  6. Add in other details like the source of the job listing and any network connections at the company.
  7. Sort your spreadsheet by application status, deadline, preference, or likelihood of getting the job.

Utilizing Google Drive and Calendar

Using Google Drive and Calendar can help you keep your job hunt on track. Google Drive lets you create a special place for all your job application data. This includes company names, where you found the job, when you applied, and even copies of cover letters and resumes. You can also add contact details for the hiring manager.

Keeping track of your job applications can be a juggling act. Fortunately, Google Drive and Calendar offer a powerful duo to centralize your application data and streamline your job hunt.

Create dedicated folders for each company, neatly storing the job description, your personalized cover letter, and resume for easy access. You can also maintain multiple, tailored versions of your resume within Drive, saving you time when applying to different positions. Additionally, creating a central document listing every hiring manager's contact details ensures prompt follow-up and demonstrates your continued interest.

Utilize Google Sheets for a comprehensive job application tracker. Schedule deadlines and interview dates directly, guaranteeing you stay on top of key moments and avoid missed opportunities. The seamless integration between Google Drive and Calendar allows you to access application materials and reminders directly from your calendar, keeping everything centralized for ultimate efficiency. By utilizing this system, you create a streamlined approach to managing your job search, staying organized, informed, and ready for your job search.

Pro Tip: Utilize Google sheets to list company names, application dates, and deadlines, ensuring you prioritize applications and stay ahead of submission windows. You can further categorize each application by status "Submitted," "Interview Scheduled," etc. for an instant visual of your overall progress.  Don't forget to include a "Next Steps" section to capture points from interviews or any required follow-up actions. Finally, integrate Google Calendar for effortless reminders.

Setting Up Job Alerts

Job alerts help in your job hunt. Here are steps to set up job alerts:

  1. Go to a job site. Good choices are Monster,, or LinkedIn.
  2. Pick the sort of jobs you want.
  3. Choose the area where you want to work.
  4. Enter your email address.
  5. Hit the button to start getting alerts.

Using a Job board

Job boards can be helpful tools for keeping track of your job applications. These websites offer various categories of job listings, such as programming, design, management, and sales.

They also provide features like advanced job searches, job title filters, and top trending remote jobs. Additionally, some job boards offer guidance on how to effectively track your applications. Smart job boards, like Jobsolv, that feature a job application tracker and built-in resume builder can be game changers in your job hunt.

Job application trackers are useful tools to track and manage your applications in real-time, receive updates on their status, and ensure you don't miss any opportunities.

By utilizing a job board, you can simplify your job search process and stay organized throughout your application journey.

A smart job board with resume builder and job application tracker

Leveraging Smartphone Apps

Using smartphone apps can be a helpful way to keep track of your job applications. There are several apps available that can assist you in organizing and managing your job search. These apps allow you to store information about the companies you’ve applied to, track important dates such as application deadlines and interview schedules, and even send follow-up notes directly from your phone.

With the convenience of having all this information at your fingertips, you can stay organized and ensure that you don’t miss any opportunities. Some recommended smartphone apps for tracking job applications include Job hunt buddy and Job Hunter Tracker.

Additionally, these apps also provide advanced features such as curated jobs based on your preferences and top trending remote jobs. This means that not only can you manage your current applications efficiently but also discover new opportunities that align with your interests.

What to Monitor in Your Job Search

Monitor key information such as contact details, application status, important dates, and specific details of each application.

Contact Information

You can easily find contact information on the webpage through various channels. The website provides a dedicated community section where you can connect with other job seekers, ask questions, and share experiences.

Additionally, you can follow the webpage’s social media accounts on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook to stay updated on job search tips and new opportunities.

Furthermore, there is a learning portal available that offers valuable resources for career development and job hunting strategies.

Your Applications

To effectively keep track of your job applications, it’s important to create a designated space where you can organize all the relevant information. This could be a spreadsheet, notebook, or even a project management tool.

Make sure to include details such as the company name, application source, date of application, cover letter and resume used, hiring manager contact information, and any additional notes you want to remember.

By having all this information in one place, you can easily refer back to it and analyze trends or insights that may help optimize your job search.

Important Dates

It’s crucial to keep track of important dates during your job search. This includes application deadlines, potential start dates, and any upcoming interviews or follow-up opportunities.

By staying organized and aware of these dates, you can ensure that you submit your applications on time and don’t miss any important opportunities. It’s also helpful to note the source of each job listing so you can easily reference it later.

Having a clear understanding of these important dates will help you stay on top of your job search and increase your chances of success.

Additionally, the webpage provides resources for tracking important dates through its daily digest feature and online calendar tools like Google Calendar. These tools allow you to set reminders for application deadlines and interview appointments, keeping everything in one convenient place.

With this level of organization, you won’t have to rely solely on memory or juggling multiple calendars or spreadsheets. Stay up-to-date with all relevant timelines by utilizing these tools effectively.

Specific Details of Each Application

When keeping track of your job applications, it’s important to pay attention to specific details for each application. This includes the contact information of the employer or recruiter you’ve applied to, the company name and website, and any network connections you may have at that company.

It’s also crucial to note important dates such as the application deadline and potential start date. Additionally, keep track of where you found the job listing so you can monitor your job search progress effectively.

By organizing these specific details in a spreadsheet or using a job tracking tool, you’ll ensure that nothing falls through the cracks and increase your chances of success in your job search.

Tips for Following Up on a Job Application

  • Wait a reasonable amount of time before following up, typically one to two weeks after submitting your application.
  • Send a personalized follow — up email expressing your continued interest in the position and gratitude for the opportunity to apply.
  • Inquire about the status of your application and ask if there is any additional information or documentation they need from you.
  • Be professional and polite in your communication, showcasing your enthusiasm for the role without appearing pushy or desperate.
  • If you don’t receive a response after a follow — up email, it’s okay to send one more inquiry, but be prepared to move on if you still don’t hear back.

Key Takeaway:Track key info for each job application, like deadlines, contact details, and where you found the listing. Use a spreadsheet or app to stay organized and ensure you follow up at the right time. This keeps you on top of your job hunt and increases your chances of landing that dream role.


In conclusion, by creating a designated space to keep all the important details organized and following up on applications promptly, job seekers can stay on top of their progress and increase their chances of landing that dream job.

Understanding ‘How to Keep Track of Job Applications’ is a vital for a successful job search. By implementing effective tracking methods you ensure an organize job application process and smooth application management.

Additionally, considering smart job boards wil not only streamline your application, but could save you hours of manual filling. Aside from job boards, consider the assistance of headhunters, you can simplify your job application process and increase your chances of securing the right job opportunity. Stay organized and proactive to make the most out of your career journey.

When you streamline your application process, whether through personal organization or with the help of professionals, you take a significant step towards a more efficient and productive job hunt.

Exploring available resources and support options, such as product packages, can be viewed as a positive investment in your career, with the potential to yield high salary offers, attractive compensation packages, and a more fulfilling professional journey

So, don’t let anything slip through the cracks — start tracking those applications today!

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