7 Top LinkedIn Profile Optimization Services for Professionals 2023

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June 20, 2023
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LinkedIn has emerged as the world's fastest-growing social media platform focused on businesses and professionals. Astonishingly, more than 90% of recruiters actively use LinkedIn for their hiring needs. Additionally, 71% of employers use social media to screen potential candidates before making hiring decisions.

Hence, it's evident that your LinkedIn profile can significantly impact your professional career, be it job searching or networking. Therefore, it's not surprising to see over 300 professional LinkedIn profile writing services available only in the United States. 

To help individuals in finding the best LinkedIn profile writers, our research team has dedicated its time and effort to identifying the most competent writers.

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How Do We Pick Winners

To determine the winners of the best LinkedIn profile writing services, our research team employed a rigorous evaluation process. During the review process, the team considered several factors, such as the quality of the final LinkedIn profile, the level of expertise demonstrated by the writers, the price and value for money, customer service, and the turnaround time for delivery. 

By evaluating these critical aspects, our research team identified the most competent and reliable LinkedIn profile writers who can assist individuals in creating a captivating LinkedIn profile that positively impacts their professional careers.


We carefully craft the hand-curated list of the best LinkedIn profile writing services to cater to individuals across all industries, professions, and career levels. Whether you are in finance, sales, human resources, engineering, or any other field, these companies have the expertise to deliver unique LinkedIn profiles that meet your specific needs. 

With their professional writing skills and industry-specific knowledge, these service providers are well-equipped to create impressive LinkedIn profiles that showcase your skills and experience and enhance your professional brand.

LinkedIn Profile Writer Reviews

1. Jobsolv

Looking for a job can be overwhelming, especially if you need help figuring out where to start. Fortunately, Jobsolv is here to help make your job search more accessible and more successful.

Jobsolv is an online job search platform that connects job seekers with top employers in various industries. It is much more than a LinkedIn profile writing service. It is the All-In-One Service for jobseekers. 

With a user-friendly interface and advanced search options, Jobsolv makes it easy to find job opportunities matching your skills, experience, and career goals. Jobsolv identifies the target companies, hand-tailors your resume, and applies for jobs on your behalf.

Jobsolv takes the stress out of your job hunt and helps you find your dream job. 

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2. Kelly Donovan & Associates

Kelly Donovan & Associates (KDA) is a company that provides several services, such as creating online seminars, writing resumes, and optimizing LinkedIn profiles. The business was founded by Kelly Donovan in 2008 and has assisted numerous job seekers since then. Kelly Donovan is a qualified professional resume writer and has also made valuable contributions to several books on career development.

KDA helps job seekers by creating online seminars to improve their skills, writing effective resumes, and optimizing their LinkedIn profiles to stand out to potential employers. Kelly Donovan, the founder and certified professional resume writer, has extensive experience in career development and has made significant contributions to the field. Her expertise and services offered by KDA can benefit those seeking employment.

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3. LinkedIn Makeover

LinkedIn Makeover is a company that primarily focuses on providing services for optimizing LinkedIn profiles, although they offer other writing services as well. Just to let you know, LinkedIn Makeover is not affiliated with LinkedIn, despite its name. The company also provides corporate solutions and writing services such as resume and blog writing.

Donna Serdula, the founder of LinkedIn Makeover, has been leading her team in helping over 5,000 professionals optimize their LinkedIn profiles since 2009. 

LinkedIn Makeover Pros and Cons

4. Robin Ryan

Robin Ryan is a renowned career counselor, author, and foundr of her own company. Her services include resume and CV writing, as well as LinkedIn profile optimization and offering assistance with job searching and interviewing. Robin Ryan has a rich experience in the industry, having appeared on more than 2,000 TV and radio shows and featured in prominent publications as a public speaker and career expert. She is a regular Forbes columnist and has authored eight books on career development.

By availing of Robin Ryan's services, job seekers can benefit from her wealth of knowledge and expertise and her extensive media exposure. Her focus on providing a comprehensive range of career development services can help clients build a solid professional brand and stand out in the competitive job market.

Robin Ryan Pros and Cons

5. The Writing Master

The Writing Master is owned and operated by Viviana Munoz, a highly versatile writer with a diverse skill set. In addition to writing, Viviana has experience in web development, programming, marketing, and recruitment. Her educational background includes a Master's degree in IT, a Bachelor's degree in Programming, and an Associate's degree in Accounting.

By offering various services, Viviana can provide clients wh comprehensive support for their writing needs. Her technical expertise and background in recruitment can also offer a unique perspective in creating engaging and optimized content for online platforms. This breadth of experience and knowledge can set The Writing Master apart from other writing services in the market.

The Writing Master Pros and Cons

6. LinkedIn Services Marketplace

The LinkedIn Services Marketplace is a recently updated freelancer platform that is only accessible to LinkedIn users. Previously known as LinkedIn Profinder, this marketplace is a logical move for LinkedIn to promote its services, including LinkedIn profile optimization. Interestingly, the LinkeIprofile services are categorized under "Resume Writing," which may confuse users who are looking for LinkedIn profile writing services.

This platform offers a range of freelance services from various professionals, and it allows users to connect with experts who can help them with their career development. With LinkedIn's vast network of professionals, this marketplace could be a valuable resource for those looking for high-quality services tailored to their needs. It's also worth noting that LinkedIn Services Marketplace is exclusively available to LinkedIn users, which may be a drawback for those who need to be more active on the platform.

lINKEDiN Pros and Cons

7. Find My Profession

Find My Profession is a global company that provides more than just LinkedIn profile writing services. They have an experienced resume writing team with expertise in over 85 industries and professions, and they assign a writer based on your unique background and experience. They also offer a 1-on-1 phone consultation with your writer. Their clients have landed positions at companies like Apple, Amazon, and Facebook. Find My Profession has over 650 5-star reviews and offers a 60-day interview guarantee on their resume packages. Their LinkedIn profiles are customized and optimized for recruiters. Their work has been featured on Forbes, Inc., Zety, and Fast Company sites.


In a Nutshell

In conclusion, the importance of a well-optimized LinkedIn profile must be considered in today's professional landscape. As the world's fastest-growing social media platform centered on businesses and professionals, it's a critical tool used by over 90% of recruiters for hiring and screening candidates. Many LinkedIn profile writing services have emerged in response to this demand, promising to bolster your professional brand.

After extensive research and considering crucial factors like quality, expertise, pricing, customer service, and delivery time, we identified seven exceptional services: Jobsolv, Kelly Donovan & Associates, LinkedIn Makeover, Robin Ryan, The Writing Master, Find My Profession, and LinkedIn Services Marketplace.

Our recommended choice, however, is Jobsolv. This decision is informed by its robust, data-driven approach and comprehensive service. As an all-in-one service for job seekers, Jobsolv crafts an exceptional LinkedIn profile for you and identifies target companies, tailors your resume, and applies to jobs on your behalf. It offers a user-friendly interface and advanced search options to ease your job search and matches you with job opportunities that align with your skills, experience, and career goals.

While all seven services offer unique benefits, if you're looking for a service that optimizes your LinkedIn profile and provides a comprehensive suite of services to make your job search more accessible and more successful, then Jobsolv is the top choice. In the competitive landscape of today's job market, a service that harnesses the power of data to push your candidacy forward, like Jobsolv actively, could be a game-changer. Thus, based on our findings, we highly recommend Jobsolv for all your LinkedIn profile optimization needs.


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