Hear from Our Users

Sarah M.
I've been using Jobsolv during my job search and it's been pretty helpful. The resume auto-tailoring feature saves a lot of time and I've noticed I'm getting more interviews. It's user-friendly and seems to make the job application process smoother.
Riley J.
I used to spend 20 to 30 minutes tailoring each resume, and now that my resumes are tailored for each role, I’ve landed more interviews in the past month than the last 3 months combined. I have been recommending this tool to all of my friends who are also job-searching.
James P.
In my career coaching experience, I've yet to encounter a tool as impactful as Jobsolv for facilitating clients' job searches. The platform's one-click resume customization and automated job matching have significantly increased the rate at which my clients secure interviews and job offers. It's a resource I highly recommend for its effectiveness.
Alexa L.
Facing the daunting task of a career change, I was introduced to Jobsolv by a friend who is a career coach. The personalized service and support from my career success manager made a significant difference, making me feel supported in my job search journey. The platform's ease of use and the team's dedication to applying for jobs on my behalf allowed me to relax and focus on other aspects of my life. Jobsolv has truly transformed the job search into a manageable task, providing a stress-free experience with excellent outcomes.
Peter A.
Initially I was doubtful that any software could simplify the job search process, my experience with Jobsolv turned me into a believer. Its user-friendly interface, effectiveness, and time-saving capabilities have made my job search 100x simpler, recommending it to everyone in my network.
Katrina N.
With a hectic schedule, searching for a job felt like taking on a second job. Manual resume tailoring and application submissions were consuming my free time. Discovering Jobsolv changed everything, offering a fast, accurate, and affordable solution to job searching. The platform's simplicity and efficiency freed up my evenings and weekends, making the entire process much less stressful and far more fruitful.

How It Works

How Jobsolv Works

A 100k+ Job Board for Remote and Hybrid Jobs

Instead of spending your valuable time searching for high quality, high paying remote and hybrid jobs, let the Jobsolv Job Board find these positions for you.
Resume Tailoring

Resume Tailoring

Optimize your resume to the each application in a single click. This ensures your skills and experience are presented in the most effective way. We focus on showcasing your authentic qualifications – nothing made-up.
One Click Apply

One-Click Apply

Send out your applications to the positions of your choice in one-click with your resume tailored to each application, making your job search effective and efficient.

The All-In-One Job Search Platform That Does It All

Dive Into the High-Paying Remote Job Pool

Exclusive high-paying remote and hybrid job listings are refreshed daily. Jobsolv scouts the web for the freshest job postings, giving you a first-mover advantage against other job seekers. Our system automatically removes low-quality jobs and delivers six-figure listings from top companies recognized as excellent workplaces. We have jobs from companies such as Netflix, Google, Microsoft, Apple, and many well-funded startups.

Access $100K+
Resume Makeover

Easy-Peasy Resume Makeover

Give your resume a complete glow-up with our smart AI. It learns from top earners' resumes to make yours not just good, but great—and totally ATS (Applicant Tracking System) friendly. Tailored to flaunt your skills and get those interview invites rolling in.

Apply in One-Click

Imagine applying to jobs without actually having to apply. Sounds dreamy, right? With Jobsolv, it’s your new reality. Our auto-apply does the heavy lifting so you can chill, prep for those interviews, or simply enjoy some extra me-time. Job applications, but without the hassle.

Apply in One Click
Information Safety

Keeping Your Information Safe

Your trust is our top priority. That’s why we’re partnered with AWS to keep your data safe and sound under lock and key. No sharing, no selling—just strict privacy because your business is just that: yours. Plus, our in-house AI ensures your data stays secure and private, always.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Jobsolv?

Jobsolv is your All-In-One solution for job hunting. We offer a personalized AI-smart job board that simplifies the application process. Efficiently apply to multiple jobs by tailoring your resume for each position and auto-apply with just a few clicks.

Is Jobsolv free?

Jobsolv provides a variety of plans to meet different needs, including a free option to access our exclusive $100K+ remote job listings. You can use our credit system or select one of our plans for more comprehensive services to access advanced features such as automatic resume tailoring and job applications.

How does the credit system work?

Our credit system functions as a flexible way to use Jobsolv's services. Each resume tailoring and job application requires 1 credit each. Applying for a job with a customized resume costs 2 credits in total.

What distinguishes Jobsolv Smart Job Board from Jobsolv Signature Service?

Jobsolv Smart Job Board caters to individuals seeking $100K+ remote and hybrid roles, offering automated resume customization and application submission. Jobsolv Signature is a premium, fully managed service that provides expertly crafted resumes, a 30-day interview guarantee, and a career manager for personalized career guidance to ensure you secure interviews for high-paying roles.

Who can benefit from using Jobsolv?

Jobsolv is ideal for experienced professionals targeting six-figure remote positions, early-career professionals aiming for a significant salary jump, and recent graduates looking to enter the job market in roles with salaries over $70K.

How many job applications can I submit with Jobsolv?

The number of applications you can submit depends on your credit balance or the terms of your chosen plan. Each application with a tailored resume and auto-apply consumes 2 credits.

Does Jobsolv support remote job searches?

Yes, Jobsolv specializes in connecting you with high-paying remote opportunities, ensuring you find a job that not only meets your salary expectations but also offers the flexibility of working from anywhere.

What is the 30-day interview guarantee?

The 30-day interview guarantee is ONLY available for our Jobsolv Signature service. We guarantee you'll secure an interview within 30 days. If not, we will continue to provide our services at no additional charge until you do.

Can I filter job searches by salary?

Yes, we specialize in remote and hybrid jobs, paying over $100K. You can filter our job board with the salary range that you are interested in.

Is there a referral program?

Yes, our referral program benefits both you and your friends. When you refer someone, they receive a discount on their first month, and you earn a cash reward as our thank you. Message hello@jobsolv.com to learn more.

How can I update my preferences or resume?

You can update your job preferences, resume, and other details anytime through your account settings. For assistance, reach out to us via email at support@jobsolv.com, and we'll be happy to assist you.

How does Jobsolv use my data?

Your privacy is our top priority. We do not sell your data and use it solely to assist in your job search. We're committed to keeping your information secure and using it only to help you land your dream job.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription easily through your account settings. We partner with Stripe for easy cancellation, and also offer options to pause or change your plan to suit your needs better.

Need further assistance?

Contact us at support@jobsolv.com for any questions or support. We're here to help you succeed in your job search journey.